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Speak Your Truth( St. Bernadette)

The Card of Today

This card is about being true to yourself while  speaking your truth. Having the faith and strength, honesty , to give your fears and worries to God and St. Bernadette ,  knowing they  have  your back .  As long as you are in a loving space and speaking  honestly, and  in your integrity . No matter ,  how others  reacts to you, if you are speaking your truth, your voice and your words,  will be guided  by Heaven  and you   will  be protected as you say your truth .

Never be afraid to speak from your heart and speak your truth . When you are in love consciousness you are working from a higher place this is where the miracles happen .  You know the expression that ” truth will set you free ” . Well this is true it will. Even if others are not ready to hear this information.  It still create a place for healing or something they needed to move them to the next place on their journey .

St. Bernadette had such courage at age 14 she had first of 18 visions of the  Blessed  Mother Mary,  near her home in  Lourdes France.  Blessed Mother Mary instructed Bernadette  to dig in the dirt , and the hole eventually became the healing springs of Lourdes of France . While, Bernadette was receiving her visition of Blessed Mother Mary.  St. Bernadette and her family were being threaten and harassed by the government . The government official accused St. Bernadette of being insane and lying to them. Yet consistently,  Bernadette politely spoke her truth . St. Bernadette made such a difference there are more  than five million people annually visiting the healing water of Lourdes of France .  Many people have  benefit from all of  St. Bernadette  bravery.



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