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Emotions (St. Dymphna)

The Card of Today

Have you ever watch a movie, or commercial ,or watching  children playing on a play ground , and this trigger, an emotion. Happiness , sadness ,how about  laughter. Emotions are very powerful ,whether they are yours, or someone else’ s. If you are going through challenges ,right now, and you feel your emotions, are all over the place.  Ask St.Dymphna, to help you see the light, and find the right path. In this card St. Dymphna carries a light in her hand, and shine, the light on her path ,while she is walking .

Call upon her for help, to shine light on  your path . St. Dymphna really wants to help . She was a Celtic girl who lost her mother, and her widowed father, made advances towards her, so she left home ,with St. Gerebernus they travel,  to  a place near Gheel (near Antwerp) . When  Her father found them , she rejected his advances, once  again and he murdered, St. Dymphna and St. Gerebernus. The location of where they  die, the relics, are said, to heal epilepsy, insanity, nervous conditions, and possessions. On the place of their death, they have built ,a mental health facility. St. Dymphna is the patron saint mental health, and mental health workers.

Just know that you can release, all upsetting emotions ,to God and St. Dymphna, the angels, for healing, and guidance . St. Dymphna want to shine a light ,on your path, for you to get the help, and guidance, you need on your journey.


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