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Be Brave ( Guardian Angel )

The Card for Today

I just want you to know, that the angels really talk to us in the cards. I get so amazed that the truth get shown to me everyday . Here, I sit with dyslexia,  I am writing, something I’ve feared for a long time . Some how, I got the courage to be doing a blog . I am grateful to  my spiritual soul sister, who has encouraged, and taught,  me how to be able to write a blog. I feel so blessed for her present in my life. Sheryl,  is always encouraging me, to push thought my fears, and to be all I can be . So Thankful for you Sheryl.

So when you feel scared, and feel things are not moving they way you want them to. Take a deep breath, and stay in your faith, knowing,  everything is being taken care of , and will  all work out. Remember, things are not on our time, it on God time . I understand it hard to be patient, this is  not one of my strong quality. Understanding, that God has a plan,  my faith, really helps me to be able to get through another day. So, I encouraged you to be brave , “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry”Padre Pio .  Namaste’

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