Peace, Comfort, Love and Compassion

My struggles with Faith

Have you  ever struggle with your faith? Have you ever felt you had no choice ? Have you ever felt all alone ? Well it is  a interesting time we are  living in right now . I too am going through my struggles every day with my faith .  I know I had a lot of struggles in my life. The one thing that always carried me was my faith.

Everything, from  12 surgeries  due to the car accident ,I had that change my life’s direction.  I too  became a   care taking for two parents , my mother who suffered with the  disease of  water on the brain and my step dad with advance stages of Alzheimer . I took care of the two of  them and ran a household . While  recovering from all my surgeries .It was so hard  for me . I did not have a spouse or someone I could lean on.

While going through all  of this . I had my faith and my spirituality. This was there to carry me through. Than all  the losses, I had experience my step dad who pass from Alzheimer. One year later, I lost my sister to cancer . Leaving a 14 year old son who is  my godson. I wanted to be there for him to love & support  him . This was a terrible time in our life’s , still having my sick mom and now,  my nephew who I wanted to be there for him .

Again the only thing helping me get through this was my faith. Years later. I had to to put my mom in a nursing home and this was an adjustment for me as well . Selling my  house of 50 years . This was another death for me. I had a seance  of security that was  no longer .Again  my faith carried me through . Now, I am at another cross road,  I feel things are being shaking up again. I feel like I can not go through this again . My dear spiritual soul sister said to me  where is your  faith . You know God has your back . I am very grateful for  Sheryl is a very evolved loving soul who really care about me.  Kick me in the butt and snap me out of it ! So it is so amazing how these angels cards are really on to something . So, I ask you to believe and have Faith God has your back. Put your trust and faith, in God, when you have nothing else to hang on to  . You can trust you will have what you need .  Namaste’

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