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Lodging of the Angels!

Lodging of the Angels This project started in Germany, after the movie Pay it forward – a movie about a boy who helps three people solve a problem, and then they in turn help three more people, and so on… eventually it inspired this project called “Lodging of the Angels and Archangels.”   The creator of this project says that these Angels have been specifically selected to travel from home to home, where they will be lodging for seven days to bring their divine assistance and answers to three petitions that the host will ask of them, as well as provide clarity about life and a resolution to a problem.  After a person has lodged them for seven days, that person then has to pass them on to three people.  On the 7th day, the host will direct them to the three people he/she selects and will let them know so that they can receive them.  The project is in three parts: 1. Preparation, 2. Welcoming ceremony, 3. Departing ceremony.   Remember:  Be ready to receive them when they show up at our door.  It’s also important to accept their help during these seven days and be open to whatever happens during this time.  You will notice a beautiful atmosphere at home.   As when we have important visitors at home, it’s important that our attitude at home be one of tolerance and love, towards everyone; we could have our differences but do not fight over them. The date and time is specific, since they will be coming from someone who has sent them, and they will be lodging in our home for seven days; after, we will ask that they seek lodging in the home of three of our selected friends or family, who will also be ready and waiting for them, so that they can remain there for another seven days, and so on. You can ask the Angels to help you with any project during these seven days.  It is recommended that you take some time to think of your three wishes beforehand, so that you can be clear and specific with your petitions and in that way, your time together will be efficient and productive. You will need for the Welcoming Ceremony a sheet of paper where you will write: The three petitions you have in your heart. The name and address of the three people that you will send them to after they’ve been with you. PREPARATION:  Create a small sacred space or altar in some place in your home where you will put the following items during the seven days of their visit: A white candle or any other type of candle – bless it and put it in this space. White flowers or a plant with white flowers – put it next to the candle. An envelope that has your three petitions that you have written, as well as the names and addresses of the next three people who will host them: put everything next to the flowers and the candle. An apple: put it on top of the envelopes. Right before the Angels and Archangels arrive, light the candle, and light the candle during these seven days anytime you are at home but put out the candle when you are not home.  Bless the candle each time you light it.  (If you use up the whole candle, simply light another one.) THE WELCOMING CEREMONY:  SUNDAY, April 6  AT 4:30 PM you need to open your front door (literally) and welcome the Angels by saying this: “Welcome and come in, Angels and Archangels, that (whoever sent them to you) has sent you.  Come in San Gabriel, San Miguel, San Rafael, San Jofiel, San Zadkiel, San Uriel, San Chamuel, Angels and Archangels, positive beings and elements of the Universe.  Thank you for coming to protect my home and all those who live here.  Come in peace and tranquility.  Thank you for bringing us happiness, love, wisdom, blessings, and harmony to me and my loved ones.  Thank you for accepting to help in the manifestation of my three petitions which are a reflection of my heart. “THE DEPARTING CEREMONY: On SUNDAY April 13 AT 4:30 PM you will need to open your door (literally) and lovingly send the Angels and Archangels toward the three people that you have selected, audibly providing their name and address, and then say: “Angels and Archangels, I thank you for your visit and now for going to (the three persons you’ve selected) with your blessings.”  If you cannot be at home during the Departing Ceremony, you must visualize doing this Departing Ceremony at the exact date and time – opening the door and thanking the Angels and Archangels and sending the blessings to the three people you’ve selected.


I invite you to house the Angels . See what Miracles you can create with the help of the  Angels ! If you want more information contact: Gina DiBartolo @



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