Peace, Comfort, Love and Compassion

I am back ,I have been  busy looking for a place to live . I have decided since, I haven’t pick any  cards in a little while ,I would pick three cards for today.
My Three cards for Today are : Sign from Above (Guardian Angel)…. Believe (St.Hildegard of Bingen))….Reward ( Guardian Angel )….

The First Card for Today:   Sign From Above ( Guardian Angel)…
Did you ever ask spirit, for something and say to yourself, I am just not being heard? Do you ever feel all alone, and disconnected to spirit? Well, I have ,and than, I realized ,I am getting sign’s, and do not realized, what spirit is trying ,to communicated to me. It has become a hmmmm moment.

Wow ,if I  just sit still and calm down my mind , I realized, I was getting my sign all along . I started to see, all that is being presented to me. Spirit has been,  answering all my questions, and has been,  trying to communicate to me . Just know, it not always how we think, our sign, should look like. It can be a meaningful message, that is giving to you in a gentle way . By being open to any possibility, you will see your magic happening .

The Second  Card for Today…Believe (St.Hildegard of Bingen)…

Do you believe in yourself ? Do you believe in a higher power or God  ? How do you deal with conflict? What do you do to make things better in a bad situation? I am asking all these questions because , the thing that I do, when I am upset, and stress out ,is my faith and my belief in God ,and my higher power, that God and my Angels never let me down .

God always has my back ….Never lose faith, and belief in God, no mater how bad things get.Going through another big transitions at this time . This is coming up for a reason, I know for me , and I hope this is helping you . Believe in God, you and you higher self will always guide you out of the dark places. Just trust the process….

The Third Card for Today : Reward (Guardian Angel) ….
Interesting  card that goes along with the two other cards for today. This is how it works, we are working so hard to find balance and a good life . As long as we have our faith and belief ‘s and watch our signs ….How can we go wrong ? Faith and Believe, and  Love, for yourself ,you will start to see your magical  reward ‘s start happening . God want’s to reward you for you hard earned effort’s. Have the faith and trust in your sign’s, to be open to all possibilities .



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